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Invited Readings

Events Facilitated

Becoming a Writer: A Conversation for Aspiring Writers
Words Festival, London Ontario (Virtual)
November 2021
Broken Spine Poetry Night
Manchester, England (Virtual)
March 2021

Talk 'n' Shop with The Write Place
London, Ontario (Virtual)
February 2021

Poetry London Local Opener
London, Ontario (Virtual)

September 2020

Gender Equality Network Poetry Night
Western University

February 2019

Mental Health Writing Workshop, for Strive Foundation
May 2023
  • Led a group of Early Childhood Educators through a presentation on writing then a series of exercises intended to better their mental health.
Mental Health Writing Workshop, for Western University
February 2021
  • Teaching how to write about mental health and personal stories.
  • Planned writing prompts and opportunities for students to share their writing with the group. 
An Afternoon with Alicia Elliott, London, Ontario
November 2020
  • Planned and executed a reading featuring Writer-in-Residence Alicia Elliott.
  • Managed pre-registration, promotion, and student applications for featured readers.
How to Get Published, Western University
October 2020
  • Hosted and planned an event for students on how to get their writing published in literary magazines and as full-length collections.
Writing Workshop, Western University
February 2020
  • Featured readings from professors and students, then led writing exercises for students and provided tips for publishing their work in AHSC Publications.
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