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Writing for Mental Wellness Workshop 

Courtney is currently available to hire as a workshop facilitator for her 90-minute workshop about mental health and writing. 

Are you looking for new ways to support your mental health, while nurturing your creative side? In this workshop, join writer, editor, and advocate Courtney Ward-Zbeetnoff to learn how to use writing to cultivate your mental wellness. You will be led through a series of writing exercises that you can use in times of stress, for self-reflection, or as a creative outlet. All it takes to be a writer is the act of writing, so in this workshop, everyone is a writer. 
Courtney has given this presentation to school groups, non-profit organizations, and businesses across Canada. She works on a sliding scale based on the financial ability of the organization hiring her, but generally follows the CARFAC (Canadian Artists’ Representation) Fee Schedule.


The session was engaging and insightful and I appreciated how Courtney allowed space for folks to go at their own pace and reflect only as deep as they felt able.  Beautifully responsive. —Meaghan M.

Contact Courtney today to schedule a workshop!
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