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I’ve imagined it a thousand times
over. but in these moments, my mouth cannot unearth a crypt; soil catches in my teeth, indigestible. our conversations are jilted, our tongues generational,
unable to bridge an ocean or a
diaspora. I do not know how to ask
for a love as boundless
as the land you left

for us.


from "(coming out to) baba"

published in Prism International 61.2



"(coming out to) baba"
Prism International, Winter 2023
Iconoclast Collective, April 2021
Distanziner, December 2020
"cool mint"
SNAPS Chapbook, December 2020
"glamour facts"

Polemical Magazine, October 2020

"body gap"

Re-Side Magazine, June 2020

"This Moment"

Intermissions, June 2020


ang(st) zine, May 2020

"As the Crow Flies"

WordsFest Zine, November 2019

"Man, I Feel Like a Woman"

Symposium, March 2018


Symposium, November 2017


WordsFest Zine, November 2016​




"Clearing the Shelf"
Cold Strawberries Collective,
April 2021
“There’s a Story”
Polemical Zine, February 2021
“At-Home Agoraphobia”
WordsFest Zine, December 2020
"Sweet Pea"

Occasus, September 2020


Symposium, November 2019

Invited Readings

Becoming a Writer: A Conversation for Aspiring Writers
Words Festival, London Ontario (Virtual)
November 2021
Broken Spine Poetry Night
Manchester, England (Virtual)
March 2021

Talk 'n' Shop with The Write Place
London, Ontario (Virtual)
February 2021

Poetry London Local Opener
London, Ontario (Virtual)

September 2020

Gender Equality Network Poetry Night
Western University

February 2019

Workshops Attended

Preparing Your Manuscript
Edmonton Poetry Festival ft. Jordan Abel
Writing Disability
Saskatchewan Festival of Words ft. Amanda Leduc
From Idea to Publication
Grit Lit, ft. Casey Plett
Writing Disabled Characters
Grit Lit ft. Dorothy Ellen Palmer
Writing Non-Fiction
Grit Lit ft. Jenny Heijun Wills
Voice in Fiction
Grit Lit ft. Mona Awad
Nonfiction Workshop
Festival of Literary Diversity ft. Helen Knott
Fiction Workshop
Festival of Literary Diversity ft. Kagiso Lesego Molope
Breaking Down Poetry
Festival of Literary Diversity ft. Billy-Ray Belcourt
Zines and the Art of Resistance
WordsFest ft. Jenna Rose Sands
Writing the Body
Poetry London ft. Joshua Whitehead
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